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Nomad Near Me connects you with friends you know as well as friends you haven’t met yet.

Connect With Other Nomads
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Custom Filters
Want to meet up with nomads with similar interests? Nomad Near Me allows you to filter based on interests, RV types, and more than a dozen other options.

Friend Alerts
Gone are the days of passing a friend on the road only to learn about it later. Nomad Near Me alerts you when friends are in your area.

Built-In Messaging
Connect directly with other nomads on Nomad Near Me without giving out your phone number or social media details
Sit Back and Relax. It’s Automatic.
Randomized Location
Nomad Near Me hits the sweet spot of sharing your location close enough to see who else is in the area but randomizing it enough that people won’t come knocking on your door.

Automatic Check-Ins
There’s no out-of-date friend locations on the map and no need to constantly check-in. Nomad Near Me works seamlessly with your phone while using very little battery.

Privacy Controls
Choose to be seen by all users of the app, your friends only, or go off the grid. Nomad Near Me allows you to choose who sees your randomized location.
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What Other Nomads Are Saying

“Clean, simple and easy to use, Nomad Near Me is a great tool for connecting with fellow nomads – as and when you choose as you travel – while maintaining the privacy of your specific location.”

RV Love

RVing can get lonely at times. This is the app we wish we’d had when we starting RVing to connect with others sooner!

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